Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sighting of the Week

Around 11pm on 18th March 2008, a man observed a very large cat in his garden on Anglesey. He saw the animal for about 20 seconds, long enough to take in a large sandy-coloured cat with pointed ears. The cat was around three feet high sitting upright. The witness relates:-"Whilst coming back from the dustbin I saw the animal sitting next to the wall of the house about 25 feet away. I thought

Thursday, March 20, 2008

BCIB 2008 Conference on YouTube

All the talks from this year's BCIB conference are now on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. The theme of the conference was 'Big Cats: what is the evidence?' I went down for the day on Saturday, and for me, the speakers that day who most addressed the question were:-Jon McGowan talking about field signs of big cats in Dorset. Chris Hall talking about big cats in the north-east.Darren Naish who

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

History Channel in search of British Big Cats

The History Channel will be in search for evidence of British Big Cats as part of their 'Monster Quest' series. They will be filming at the end of March - beginning of April.The search is on for the evidence, video footage, casts, photographs, recordings, eye-witness accounts. Have you seen a big cat in the British countryside? More importantly, have you any evidence?A search for a suitable

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hot off the Press - BCIB Yearbook 2008

Published just in time for the BCIB conference this weekend, this essential volume was selling like hot cakes to delegates. Edited by Mark Fraser and with a foreword by Merrily Harpur (author of another essential volume, Mystery Big Cats), the 2008 yearbook contains a variety of articles by BCIB researchers. But the core of the yearbook is, as ever, the Big Cat Diary: a county-by-county roundup

Sighting of the week (OK, fortnight really)

Leicestershire. Anstey Heights area. Back in September 2007, two friends were out dog walking in fields, when some nearby bushes rustled and a huge jet black cat came out. For one long minute the two people and a dog stared at the cat and the cat stared back. Then the two friends and dog ran to the safety of a nearby alley, and the cat disappeared back into the bushes."The cat was huge, over 5